Introducing video judgment for the first time in the J-League Cup Goal Canceled September 5 0:15

The J League Cup, one of the three major national football titles, was introduced as the first official J-League game from the quarter final on the 4th, when video judgment by a referee called VAR = Video Assistant Referee was introduced. Gamba Osaka and FC Tokyo As a result of video judgment, the goal was cancelled.

In the video judgment, if there is a possibility of obvious misjudgment or serious oversight in judgment such as “penalty kick” or “red card”, the referee called VAR confirms the play on the video and wirelessly judges It is an advice.

In the J-League Cup, VAR was introduced for the first time as the official game in the first and fourth games of the quarter-finals on the 4th. Among them, the game between Gamba Osaka and FC Tokyo was the second half 6 minutes. The opponent goalkeeper repelled the shot, the ball bounced in a critical position, and the referee once recognized the goal.

However, as a result of video judgment by VAR, it was no goal.

In J1 this season, there is a lot of confusion over the goal judgment, and the J-League is J1 and we are considering whether to introduce video judgment by VAR ahead of season.