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The spokeswoman for Blanca Fernández Ochoa's family, Adrián Federighi, has expressed on Wednesday her conviction that the former skier, at the time of her disappearance, was carrying a sleeping bag and food, in addition to a piece of cheese she bought in a Supermarket before your departure.

In statements to the media before the start of a new day of search in the mountains of Madrid, the brother-in-law of the athlete has said that the family is "exchanging ideas" with the forces and security forces of the State on new routes to take .

"Much hope that today is the day," he added.

Federighi has announced that this Wednesday an area will be toured in which Blanca recently sent them a video with "very beautiful views" . "That route is already seen but it never hurts to see it again," he said.

In this regard, he stressed that the operation is making a "professional hairstyle" although he stressed that "they want to cover one hundred percent of the mountain and it is impossible."

Therefore, they are sharpening the "ingenuity" with places where they were "three or four years ago." "You still find objects but none of Blanca," he added.

Blanca Fernández Ochoa's brother-in-law has said that the family is "99 percent" sure that she was wearing a jacket, since she doesn't go to the mountain for four days without him.

As for the purchase made on Saturday, August 24 in a supermarket in the town of Pozuelo, he explained that buying cheese slices "is not an indication" because they are convinced that the athlete took food at home and later bought the cheese .

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