Knowledge Day Zagitova and gratitude to Medvedeva

September 1, Russia celebrated Knowledge Day, and the very next day, schoolchildren and students went to educational institutions. The Russian figure skaters didn’t stand aside from the holiday, many of whom spent this day at their desks themselves.

The main star of the line in the sports school "Sambo-70" was the Olympic champion Pyeongchang Alina Zagitova. Despite the busy training schedule, she gladly joined her young colleagues and even delivered a solemn speech.

“I want to wish everyone a successful and productive sports and school year, fewer injuries. And for teachers - patience and health, ”the skater addressed the audience.

On the same day, she took part in the morning program of Channel One, dedicated to the Day of Knowledge. Together with three wards of Eteri Tutberidze - Alexandra Trusova, Anna Shcherbakova and Alena Kostornaya - she told how her summer went and wished schoolchildren success in the upcoming school year.

“In the summer I had rest, training, training, rentals. Learn well! Who passes the exam, the exam this year - good luck to everyone! ”Said Zagitova.

Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedev also remembered her school years. She also congratulated everyone on the Day of Knowledge and told what learning means for professional athletes.

“I remember my September 1st - I met this day in training for 11 years. For us athletes, all the charm of school life remains aloof due to everyday activities, competitions. In Moscow, I studied at the famous sports school "Sambo-70". I often did my homework in between workouts, or on my only day off in a week. As for the subjects, the most beloved was mathematics - I liked it and was easy to get, ”the figure skater wrote on her Instagram page.

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Posted by Evgenia Medvedev (@jmedvedevaj) on Sep 1, 2019 at 9:13 am PDT

In addition, she thanked the staff of the educational institution for their understanding and help in those moments when she had to combine classes and the competitive process. Warm words of Medvedeva did not go unnoticed by the Director General of Sambo-70 Renat Layshev.

“We have always been very respectful of her performance and determination. Zhenya is an example for all the guys who started the school year today. Studying requires dedication, but it's worth it — without a good education in our world, ”said Layshev, a former student.

Tuktamysheva's plans and the riddle of Kolyada

On September 7 and 8, Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium will host test runs at which representatives of the Russian national team will demonstrate their readiness for the new season. To this end, Medvedev returned from Canada to the capital. In between training, under the guidance of coach Elena Buyanova, she walked around the city, and also attended a concert by popular singer Billy Eilish.

“I liked how the hall reacted. I was taller than a dance stall. We enjoyed the music and watched the people standing there. I tried to come off as best I could. Madness was going on. The main thing was to enjoy the music and recharge your batteries. I envy myself, ”admitted Medvedev in an interview with Sport24.

The skater does not forget about the lessons either. She is still working on a quadruple salchow, which she plans to include in her new program.

“Let's still not forget that I am learning a new leap in just a month and a half. Good attempts of the fourth happen to me, that is, I myself feel from the sensations that the element is absolutely real. I'm generally not the kind of person who runs to show others the work done only half. But I have such a goal, ”RIA Novosti quoted Medvedev as saying.

In general, the Russian woman was satisfied with the off-season. She said that she was able to strengthen the body and build muscle.

“When“ cubes ”appeared in the upper abdomen, it greatly added moral confidence to me. Well, then everything started to go up: during training, I began to feel stronger, looking in the mirror, saw that I was becoming slimmer, so all this added motivation to work on myself further, ”Medvedeva added.

World champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva arrived in Moscow from St. Petersburg to take part in the test drive. On her page on social networks, she shared her plans for the 2019/20 season, and hinted at her new project.

“Goals for the new season? Just have fun and get high. And when you enjoy the process, the result comes. And, of course, I plan to do a lot of work outside the ice. First of all, successfully complete the fourth year of university. And a few more of my personal projects, but I’ll tell about this a bit later, ”wrote Tuktamysheva.

The beginning of September is the time when the skaters traditionally summarize the off-season. Betina Popova's dance couple Sergey Mozgov did not lag behind colleagues in the Russian national team. According to the skaters, they don’t have to get to the peak of form by the very beginning of the season, since the main starts expect them much later.

“Now the main thing is to work and work. After test rentals, someone will say that we are not in good shape? So they say it about everyone. Everyone has different plans for the season. Rentals are more to help us to check. We’ll practice another week and be ready for them 100%, ”Popova quoted Sport-Express as saying.

At the same time, the couple had serious problems in the offseason, as Mozgov had to undergo two surgical interventions.

“I had two operations, one immediately after the Universiade, the second for medical reasons. After the first one, I had to miss two months, after the second - a little less than a month, ”added the partner.

While Tuktamysheva intrigued fans with information about a side project, the silver medalist of the 2018 Olympic Games, Mikhail Kolyada, did not disclose details regarding his new programs. He noted that he was satisfied with the work done, and expressed the hope that they would also please the fans.

“I think that it will be clear to everyone when I skate about what they are about. At least I hope that the audience will understand what I want to convey to them. What are the changes in the programs? Let there be a little intrigue. Something appeared in them that was not there before. What exactly, I’ll probably not be able to name. The attitude to the numbers themselves has changed, my perception and vision of music, jumping is all that they have, ”the press service of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) quoted Kolyada as saying.

Tursynbayeva's injury and mentor's care

However, not all skaters will be able to start the season on a positive note. The representative of Kazakhstan, Elizabeth Tursynbaeva, who is involved in the Tutberidze group, received a serious injury. The timing of recovery is currently unknown, the lack of appropriate treatment also causes difficulty.

“May God give strength and courage to Lise. I'm always with you, honey. Silently crying from hopelessness. One god and I know how much I went through in the world of figure skating. The saddest thing is not the first or last injury. If she knew where she would fall, she would lay straws, but, unfortunately, no one knows. Hold on, honey, I love you, ”wrote Padishahan Sultanalieva, mother of the 2019 vice world champion.

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Posted by Padishahan Sultanalieva (@padishahan) Sep 1, 2019 at 7:19 am PDT

For the Tutberidze group, the end of the offseason was overshadowed by another sad news. At the 71st year of her life, Lyudmila Shalashova, choreographer, former Bolshoi ballerina and mother of coach Daniil Gleichenhaus, died.

“Lyudmila Borisovna always taught me how to get used to the image and correctly convey it through choreography. Together we watched opera and ballet, studying new images, she shared her invaluable experience. She personified the art of ballet. In the Olympic season, it provided me incredible support! Thank you very much, you will always live in my heart and in my programs, ”commented the death of mentor Zagitova.