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The Bugatti Chiron pulverizes the speed record and reaches 490 km / h!


Bugatti keeps breaking speed records. If your Veyron was dethroned as the fastest car in the world twice (in 2007 at the hands of the SSC Ultimate Aero and in 2017 by the Ko

Bugatti keeps breaking speed records. If your Veyron was dethroned as the fastest car in the world twice (in 2007 at the hands of the SSC Ultimate Aero and in 2017 by the Koenigsegg Agera RS), the French manufacturer has put things back in place with the Chiron , which It has managed to roll, in a pre-production prototype, to a whopping 490,484 km / h .

It is the first time that a production car exceeds 300 miles per hour of speed (304,773), a milestone achieved by test driver Andy Wallace in the Ehra-Lessien circuit in Germany (a 21-kilometer long speed ring) and validated by the German independent body TÜV. With respect to the previous record (447.19 km / h of the Koenigsegg), the record is no less than 40 km / h higher.

The president of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann , was excited about this achievement: "What a record! We are proud to be the first manufacturer that has exceeded 300 miles per hour of speed, it is an achievement for eternity. I congratulate the team and the pilot , Andy Wallace, for his incredible feat. "

The Chiron had already left samples of what it was capable of doing with exhibits such as the acceleration test from 0 to 400 km / h, which it completed in just 42 seconds, or the 420 km / h mark that it achieved with an illustrious pilot to Its controls: Juan Pablo Montoya . Even the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse achieved a record in its convertible version.

This is how the record was achieved

To get the record, the Bugatti Chiron completed a warm-up lap before making the attempt. The French hypercar completed the northern curve of the track at 200 km / h to attack the 8.8-kilometer straight line where it should reach its maximum speed peak.

In the next 70 seconds Wallace kept the accelerator fully depressed until, first, it exceeded the mark of 300 miles per hour (482.8 km / h) , which was the manufacturer's initial objective, and then stopped the odometer at 490,484 km / h of the record . At the moment of maximum speed the Chiron traveled 136 meters per second .

Michelin and Dallara supported Bugatti

Bugatti, in addition to its engineering team, had the support of Dallara and Michelin personnel, in charge of shining the Chiron with a reinforced Pilot Sport Cup 2 to withstand 4,100 turns per minute and assume the loads generated at that speed (although in the tests had been exposed at speeds of 511 km / h ).

The Chiron that signed the record was also subjected to some aerodynamic touch-ups and was equipped with some additional safety measures for the pilot, such as belts with six anchor points.

The ball now returns to the roof of SSC , who aspires to the throne with the Tuatara or Hennessey , who already knows how to beat Guinness speed records and could try at any time with the Venom F5 .

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