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Seven Peaks These are the two words that cause the most fear in the enormous search operation of Blanca Fernández Ochoa, near Cercedilla, in the Sierra Norte de Madrid. It is the most dangerous area of ​​the 3,500 square meters in which the Olympic medalist is searched intensely, in excellent physical form at 56 years old and habitual of the bivouac (sleeping in the open) in the place. The reason for this fear: cracks and more cracks in the enclave, with unevenness that sometimes reaches 40% and have already caused fatalities.

The mountain of Seven Peaks. 2,318 meters of altitude . The "zero zone" of the area for the head of the Special Group of Rescue in Height (GERA) of the Community of Madrid, Jaime Gaiteiro . The "mountain of the family, the most frequented," says Adrián Federighi, brother-in-law of Fernández Ochoa and unofficial spokesman for the family. The true fear is stated by research sources: "If it is there, if it has fallen into any of these cracks, it can be really difficult to even find it, but it is really difficult."

"Seven Peaks is full of cracks, but cracks for which a person fits and if it gets down they don't see it the same or the drones," they explain to the evidence that, after a day and a half combing the 12 routes of the Fuenfría Valley, At the moment there is no news from Blanca. The operative, very broad, is really focusing a lot of efforts this Tuesday on Seven Peaks, with seven drones, one per peak, combing the summit of the mountain.

A summit very frequented by the Fernández Ochoa family, especially Blanca, and a summit in which the GERA has already collected fatalities by precipitation on previous occasions. "Yes, there have been fatalities there," admits Gaiteiro. "It's the black dot, it's a relatively technical area, and where a slip can cause you a problem," he says.

If, as the Police have confirmed, Blanca went into the thicket of the forest on Saturday, August 24, and as she suspects the family was able to climb Seven Peaks, the mountain "most beloved by the whole family" according to themselves, then there she could Another thing that his relatives fear will happen: that the phenomenal storm that swept the area on Monday, August 26, will catch him there.

Mariano Montero speaks, one of the citizens who have participated in the search in the two days: "Seven Peaks is all stone, and has a lot of lizard skin, which is the moss that is put on the rock ... You can go with the hiking boots you want, if you step on that wet, you fall for sure. "

Seven Peaks, by whose fifth and seventh peaks agents were picked up from helicopters on Monday, 'rappelling', which gives an idea of ​​the sheer and complex terrain. For the head of the GERA "a very classic excursion" from Las Dehesas, "just over an hour" from where Blanca's car appeared, but "of some danger". "The truth is that it is a classic of accidents for the GERA, if you fall there it is difficult to find you", summarizes Gaiteiro, "so today we will sweep it from south to north, but without the assurance that we will do everything in this day, for the amount of recesses "

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