Rugby South African national team interacts with elementary school students in Gifu on September 3, 18:52

This week before the Rugby World Cup, which opens on the 20th of this month, South African national team players who played in a test match with the Japanese national team interacted with elementary school students in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.

The South African national team has held a training camp in Seki City since 31st last month before the Japanese national team played a test match on the 6th of this month.

On the 3rd, athletes visited local elementary and junior high schools, among which eight players, including Captain Shea Korishi, visited Sejiri Elementary School.

At the gymnasium, children welcomed players by waving a small flag of the South African flag, and 6th grader Hikaru Hamada greeted in English, “Welcome to elementary school.

The athletes were given a South African flag with a thousand paper cranes and words of encouragement made by the children.

After this, the players deepened their interaction with the children by taking commemorative photos and signing.

The 5th grade girl said, “It seemed strong and strong. I want South Africa to do my best.”

Captain Shiya Korishi said, “It was a lot of fun today.