The Brazilian newspaper Mundo Deportivo, on Tuesday, that the Brazilian Neymar da Silva could benefit from a legal clause in the "FIFA" regulations, noting that the Paris Saint-Germain striker can leave his team, according to a legal clause in FIFA regulations ".

The newspaper added: "Neymar will remain in Paris officially after the closure of the summer transfer market, on Monday, which goes against the will of the player who tried to leave and return to the ranks of Barcelona."

She continued: "Neymar will consider trying to join Barcelona in 2020, especially since the regulations on the statute, and the transfer of players to" FIFA ", protect the players in order to obtain their freedom under certain conditions."

She noted that Neymar is considering exploiting what is known as the protected period of "FIFA", which states that after three full seasons, or three years, if the player retains the same contract signed on the first day without renewal, he is entitled to leave the club and pay compensation .