Basketball World Cup Japan Round 2 September 4 at 0:46

In the basketball World Cup held in China, Japan, who lost two consecutive games from the first round of the first round, decided that the group would be 3rd or lower in the same four teams and missed the second round.

In this tournament, the first round is divided into 8 groups of 4 teams, and the top 2 teams advance to the second round.

Group E Japan lost to the Czech Republic on the 3rd following the first match against Turkey on the 1st of this month, resulting in two consecutive losses. In Group E, on the 3rd, the US won a 93-92 win after winning a close match with Turkey, making it two consecutive wins.

Turkey and the Czech Republic both have 1 win and 1 loss, and both teams will compete in the final round of the 1st round on the 5th, so there will be 2 teams with more than 2 wins in Group E.

Japan won the second round because it was decided to be 3rd or lower because it was only 1 win even if it won the final round of the United States.

Japan will face the ranking game from the 7th.