• Seven Peaks. The dreaded "zero zone" of Blanca's quest
  • Drones. Seven drones for an "important whisk"
  • Cercedilla.Blanca Fernández Ochoa, lost in her own childhood
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  • Clues: Civil Guard dogs detect a trail

The news is there is not any news. If anything, a desperate impás. No sign of Blanca Fernández Ochoa . The search of the former Spanish skier, 56, in the Fuenfría Valley, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, where his car was found last Sunday and where the police believe it has remained since he lost contact with his family 11 days later, he entered a phase on Tuesday that begins to cause a certain decline in the search operation and undermine the hope of his relatives, a dozen of which took part, for the second consecutive day, in the works.

Hopes are now focused on Seven Peaks , the steepest area. The place is in the minds of everyone involved in the tasks for various reasons. Because it is Blanca's favorite and because it is "the mountain of the family." It is the most complicated to beat, and they do not arrive on their own or the GEO, but at some points they even have to pick up, "rapping", members of the High Mountain Rescue Group of the Community of Madrid.

Blanca Fernández Ochoa: this is how the seven drones of the search device work

It is the zero zone of the mountain. Despite being an accomplished hiker, the possibilities of happy outcome decrease. In spite of the phenomenal deployment, both police and popular, with hundreds of citizens willing to collaborate, the slightest vestige of Blanca, accustomed to sleeping in the open, has not yet been found in the area (3,500 hectares); and that on Saturday, August 24, he told his daughter Olivia that he was going "four days to walk," so as not to return.

The day was frustrating in terms of results, but at least more uplifting regarding the work developed by the device, huge (400 people, seven drones, three helicopters, a dozen trained dogs), formed by the National Police, which leads the operation , Civil Guard, Firefighters of the Community of Madrid, High Mountain Rescue Group, forest agents, local police and anonymous citizens.

Lola Fernández Ochoa (2i), in the search area.

The whips were in depth. Backpacks, canes, tents, shoes, shirts, cigarettes ("We had to explain that Blanca no longer smoked," they said in the family) and all kinds of equipment, but none linked to the former skier were found. The works were ordered in two batting shifts, 11 games in the morning and eight in the afternoon. Everything was less bungling than the first day of search, on Monday, in which popular pressure ended up causing a sort of macro raid by the Sierra de Guadarrama, "organized, but also somewhat disorganized," according to research sources.

This Tuesday everything was different, segmenting grids and combing, "as if it were a nitch," not only the very popular roads and trails of the Fuenfría valley, but also the thicket of the forest, full of tall pines. Without result, however.

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