• Last minute: A total of seven drones for an "important whisk" by the Siete Picos massif
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  • Search: Civil Guard dogs detect a trail that could lead to Blanca
  • Missing: Ten days without Blanca Fernández Ochoa: X-ray of a desperate search

A search "already finer, deeper, deeper." That is the work done today by the Blanca Fernández location device. "Yesterday we focused on the usual routes, on the trails, and especially in the places that her family and she usually frequent ... It was a search, so to speak, more to the rough. Today we are going to do one more job careful, combing the wooded area, traveling at least trite ".

This is how research sources define the work that will be carried out on Tuesday on the tenth day of the search for the former skier, and the third of the joint work of the National Police, Civil Guard, Firefighters and dozens of volunteers who have joined the tasks of regulated form, being part of the games, apart from the neighbors of Cercedilla who, in an exciting way, look for their fellow citizen on paths and paths spontaneously.

The works focused on the first day of deployment through these beautiful mountains of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, on Monday, for "the most predictable, which is also the trite", explain these same sources: the usual routes of the place, and in especially the most dominated by the Fernández Ochoa family, whose members know these places "like the palm of the hand", indicates a familiar source to EL MUNDO.

In view of the failure of that first day, and given the reality that if Fernández Ochoa has been injured for nine days in the mountains, the chances of finding her alive are inexorably reduced over time (the police are convinced that their car it was parked on the site since Sunday, August 25), the device, the largest for the location of a lost hiker in the History of the Community of Madrid, will focus today on combing the open forest and not the roads , the trails and the paths.

Today it will take turns for the beats, "so as not to tire the staff, because yesterday everything was done suddenly and today we are going to do it in shifts because it is not known how long this will last and you cannot tire people," they indicate from the civil Guard. 11 groups and 60 volunteers will participate: "There will be fewer volunteers because the more people involved the more difficult it is to coordinate them. The reality is that yesterday the search was somewhat chaotic, today it will be better," they add.

The hypothesis is that Blanca, who used to make bivouac (sleeping outdoors, without a tent) in the area, could get out of these paths to enjoy nature, and suffer an unforeseen event. It is not ruled out either that it fell from any of the cliffs that exist in the place, and for that, seven drones of National Police and Civil Guard are destined for Tuesday that will be used specifically to work the area of ​​Seven Peaks, stony summit of the Valley of the Fuenfría, in which members of the GOES work and that today will be scrutinized very carefully.

But, above all, a search will already be carried out through the difficult terrain of the valley in "nitsting mode", meticulously combing ferns, pines, recesses. On the other hand, the search for Blanca beyond this place does not stop: the Police keep the agents of the UDEV Group of Missing Persons checking the last movements of the woman, of which there is only one trace in Fuenfría, remember: your car.

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