Saves Ryzhikova and the canceled goal of Sobolev

In the opening match of the tour, “Wings of the Soviets” and “Dynamo” scored a goalless draw. The blue and white intended to win a second victory in a row and created more moments than the opponent. But beyond all praise at the last frontier of the hosts acted Sergei Ryzhikov, who was recognized as the best player in the match.

“Wings of the Soviets” responded mainly with standard provisions. Especially dangerous in someone else's penalty area was the best at that time RPL scorer Alexander Sobolev, but this time he failed to distinguish himself. More precisely, in the very end the striker nevertheless hit someone else's goal from close range, but the judge rightly canceled the goal because of an offside position.

Two deletions and penalties

The Saturday program of the tour began with the unexpected away victory of Orenburg over Ufa. In the last match, the Bashkortostans defeated the reigning Zenit champion, but this year they could not cope with the team with just two points.

Moreover, the match turned out to be quite eventful. It is enough that the chief judge Igor Panin showed two red cards at once. At the end of the first half, the second “mustard plaster" received Alexander Pucko, and at the beginning of the second - Vitaly Shakhov. The compositions were equalized.

Not without a penalty. Putsko earned his first card just for pushing an opponent in the penalty area - Panin confidently pointed to the “point” in this situation, and George Despotovich sold a penalty kick and recorded himself the fourth exact hit.

After the break, the guests made a two-to-one pass to the opponent’s goal, and Georgy Zotov calmly doubled the lead. “Ufa” answered with a goal of Vyacheslav Krotov, who replaced. It is noteworthy that for the former Spartak striker this ball was the first in almost a year. The last time he hit someone else’s gate back in September last year in a match with Yenisei.

Sensational rout from Sochi

But this result was not the last unexpected in the program of the 8th round. Following Orenburg, another outsider won the first victory of the season - Sochi. Moreover, the wards of Alexander Tochilin not only scored three points, but defeated the strong “Rubin”, which at the start of the season attracted the attention of the whole country.

It is curious that the success of Sochi brought the rejection of the scheme with three central defenders. As a result, the guests not only played for “zero”, but also scored three times, and in two cases the defenders - Ibrahim Tsallagov and Fedor Kudryashov scored. For the last goal in Kazan was only the second in the national championship for his career.

Finally, at the end of the meeting, the replacement of the coaching staff of the guests worked. Alexander Karapetyan, who entered the game shortly before, fled to a rendezvous with Yuri Dyupin and scored a debut goal for Sochi.

Shomurodov's double and injury of Alexei Miranchuk

The outcome of the match at the Russian Railways Arena can also be called unexpected, given the fact that Rostov did not beat Lokomotiv for three years. But on Saturday, this series was interrupted, and wards Valery Karpin entrenched in a group of leaders.

The main character of the meeting was Eldor Shomurodov. He scored twice and with seven goals broke into the leaders of the RPL scorers race. In the first case, the Uzbek beautifully struck his head after a corner, and in the second, from a close distance, he sent the ball between the legs of Marinato Guillerme, taking advantage of the shooting of a partner.

But Lokomotiv fought to the end and ten minutes before the final whistle managed to reduce the backlog to a minimum. Anton Miranchuk from the penalty kick struck exactly in the near corner. And the assist was given to him by the rookie team João Mariou.

True Portuguese debut turned out to be fraught with an injury to Alexei Miranchuk. Even in the first half, the midfielder received damage to the back of the thigh and was forced to ask for a replacement. According to Yuri Semin, Alexey’s injury is serious, and he will not help the Russian team in the coming matches.

But even without one of their leaders, railroad workers could be saved. Already in the time added by the referee, another red-green rookie Luka Djordjevic had a great chance to get at least one point for his team, but Yevgeny Chernov, a second earlier having taken the ball from the ribbon, managed to make a second save too, instead of Yegor Baburin, who went far out of the goal. Without getting up from the lawn, he instinctively jumped towards the place where the ball flew, and hit it.

Terrific goal of Berisha and the lost victory of Tambov

Another sensation almost happened in Grozny, where the Rambov newcomer Tambov was very close to beating Akhmat. A quick goal helped the guests. Already in the fifth minute, Maxim Osipenko, after submitting the standard, straightened the ball on the target with his head and brought his team forward.

Having opened an account, the wards of Alexander Grigoryan calmly defended themselves, all the more so, “Akhmat” did not pose insoluble tasks to the opponent.

But still the guests failed to maintain leadership. Already in the time added by the referee, the hosts earned a free kick. Bernard Berisha, who replaced him, undertook to fulfill it. After filing from the standard, the Tambovites managed to beat off, but the ball flew back to Berisha, and he sent the projectile from the penalty line in the jump exactly to the far corner. So “Tambov” not only was left without a victory, but also sank to last place. However, “Akhmat” is only three points ahead of the outsider.

Ari's productive return and successful replacement of Krasnodar

Krasnodar managed to score three critical points in the confrontation with Ural in Yekaterinburg. Despite the offensive departure from the Champions League, the southerners managed to get together and win the national championship match.

At the same time, one of the main characters of the confrontation was Ari who returned to duty after an injury. As a result, a naturalized Brazilian who missed the game managed to score two points for performance in the first half.

The teams left for the break with a minimal advantage of Krasnodar - 2: 1, but in the second half, Otman El-Kabir managed to restore the status quo on the scoreboard with a magnificent circling kick to the far nine.

In the end, the southerners snatched victory thanks to successful substitutions. Ivan Ignatiev and Daniil Utkin, who entered the field, did everything so that the guests scored three points. The midfielder especially tried, who first distinguished himself, and then made an assist to Wanderson.

Gogua's debut and Akhmetov's first ball for CSKA

CSKA won, too, which, on the eve of the tour, was just one point behind the group of leaders. Moreover, the army team on the road met with Arsenal, which also had 13 points. The teams started the match without swinging and quickly managed to exchange goals scored. First, Daniel Lesovoy kicked the hosts ahead, and then Ilzat Akhmetov scored the first goal for red-blue.

Subsequently, the opponents had a lot of points in order to score more, but the ball stubbornly did not go into the goal. Perhaps the most obvious chance was lost by Alexander Lomovitsky, rented by the gunners from Spartak. Just before the break, the football player struck the crossbar.

In the second half, the speeds dropped noticeably, and it seemed that the meeting would end in a draw. But 20 minutes before the final whistle, CSKA managed to snatch victory, with the decisive goal scored by team newcomer Cedric Gogua, who signed the contract with the club only on Thursday, but despite this, he immediately got into the starting lineup.

After serving from the standard, the high Ivorian outplayed the opponent at the far post and sent the ball right on target. For him, this goal was already the third in the current season of the RPL, and on this indicator he caught up with Fedor Chalov. CSKA won a major victory and continued the pursuit of leaders.

Canceled goal of Bakaev and 13 strokes of Spartak

Finally, Spartak and Zenit met in the central match of the tour. Despite the loud sign, the derby did not turn out to be too bright and was not at all full of dangerous moments.

At the same time, the champion who lost points in the last two games gave the initiative to the opponent. Red and white possessed the ball 59% of the playing time, but rarely penetrated into the box and inflicted only four shots on target.

True, in the middle of the first half, Zelimkhan Bakaev managed to open an account after drawing a standard position, but the goal of the midfielder was canceled by the judge after watching the replay. It turned out that at the time of the reception, Bakayev touched the ball with his right hand.

But the “Zenith” in the end of the first half scored the ball, which remained the only one. Serving from the corner led to a series of ricochets. As a result, the shell was at Yuri Zhirkov, and an experienced footballer sent a ball to the far nine with a great shot.

In the second half, Oleg Kononov’s wards struggled to recoup, but could not do this, the more so the team spent August in hard mode. Replacements did not help either. Thus, Zenit won for the first time in history at the Otkritie Arena and caught up with Krasnodar and Rostov in the standings.