Basketball World Cup Hachimura "I'll switch" 3rd on the Czech Republic against September 2nd 21:02

In the basketball World Cup held in China, Japan will practice at the game venue for the second game with the Czech Republic on the 3rd. “I want to do it,” emphasized the change of feelings from Black Star in the first round.

Japan, the 48th place in the world ranking in the World Cup, which decides the best basketball boy in the world, played against the first round of the first round of the day, the 17th place in the world, and lost 67-86.

On the 2nd, we practiced at the match venue in Shanghai before the 2nd match with the Czech Republic, which is ranked 24th in the world on the 3rd, and the last 30 minutes were released.

The players attacked the opponent's court from their own team, and confirmed the movement of taking the pass and taking it to the shot.

After that, each person practiced shooting, and NBA = American professional basketball, Wizards Yamura and Grizzlies Yuta Watanabe repeatedly practiced three-point shots.

If Japan loses against the Czech Republic on the 3rd, it will be difficult to advance to the second round where the top two teams will advance among the same four teams in the first round.

Yamura, who was thoroughly marked in the game against Turkey on the 1st and couldn't play as he thought, I have to play more with my head. "

After that, he stressed the change of mind, saying, “Tomorrow will be an important game to go to the second round.

Japan will play against the Czech Republic from 5:30 pm Japan time on the 3rd.

The Czech national team

The Czech Republic, where Japan fights in the second round of the basketball boys' World Cup, is ranked 24th in the world ranking. The main player is a tall point guard over 2 meters tall, NBA Bulls Satransky player, and only one NBA player in the team.

Organized play like a European team and accurate shooting from the outside.

Japan played against the Czech Republic in the world final qualifiers that took part in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in July 2016 and lost 71-87.