Al Wahda striker Abdullah Anwar (20 years old) revealed that the top scorer of the Arabian Gulf Cup with five goals, after scoring the day before yesterday, «Hattrick» against Sharjah in the match that ended 3-1 in the second round of the group league, It gives him the opportunity to present his credentials and fulfill his dream of joining the national team.

Abdullah Anwar succeeded in compensating the absence of the injured Al Wahda Argentine Sebastian Tigale, after he revealed his talent in visiting the net, scoring two goals against Fujairah in the first round of the Arabian Gulf Cup, followed by three goals against Sharjah to score the first hat-trick in The new season, which led him to top the tournament scorer.

Abdullah said in a press statement after the end of his team's meeting with Sharjah, which was held at the latter's stadium, that «the confidence given to him and his fellow youth, whether from the management of the unit or the coaching staff led by Dutch coach Maurice Stein, represented the greatest motivation towards self-assertion and brilliance, and thus the ability to compensate The absence of influential units in the unit because of injury, especially the scorer of the Argentine team Tigale, in addition to the international association with national teams, whether the first team or Olympic ».

He added: «achieving unity for his second consecutive victory, reveals the importance attached by the management of the club in terms of creating future generations capable of supporting the first team, especially as the second victory in the championship came at the expense of the champions of the version of last year's Sharjah team».

Anwar stressed that the ambitions are high with Al Wahda to compete for all tournaments, pointing to the team's relentless endeavor to maintain the top spot in the Arabian Gulf Cup, which in itself will be an opportunity to join the national team.

It is worth mentioning that Abdullah Anwar gave Al Wahda their second consecutive victory in the Arabian Gulf Cup, and confirmed their eligibility to lead the second group teams with six points, after Anwar opened the scoring for Annabi in the 15th minute, and scored the second goal against Sharjah in the 45th minute, before completing « Hattrick »scoring for the third goal, which came in the 55th minute, in a match that was considered a rehabilitation for Annabi after receiving last season two consecutive losses to Sharjah, the latter came in April, when the king declared himself the champion of the League of Professionals 2018-2019, defeating Al Wahda 3-2 »In the game held for the 25th round and before the brother Lit of the tournament.

Stein: Young people are responsible

"Despite influential absences at the level of foreign professional injury or internationals with national teams, the young elements were responsible and able to make a difference and achieve positive results for the team," said Al Wahda coach Maurice Stein.

Stein praised Al Wahda striker Abdullah Anwar, and the Dutch coach said: «Abdullah Anwar is a model for the young elements in the unit, especially since he was able to compensate in an important position usually occupied by Argentine striker Sebastian Tigale, stressing Anwar that he is as confident as him and to succeed in two games Five goals, including the first hat-trick of the new season ».

Alanbari: We played with one professional

“The ambitions were great for a better result, but this is football,” said Sharjah coach Abdulaziz Al Anbari. He added in a press statement: «We entered the game with one foreign professional, Ricardo Gomez, due to absences imposed by injury at the level of other professionals, starting with Ryan Mendes, who is still recovering from an injury sustained in the game Bani Yas last week, or at the level of Igor Cornado "He was in the squad until the last training, before he felt a slight injury in training that was behind his exclusion from the list and a period of rest, but the duo will be present in the upcoming games."