• Injuries.The Dupont method, pressure, holidays ... the reasons for a plague

After the disappointing draw at the Santiago Bernabéu , Real Madrid retakes the League with the obligation to win to straighten its season start. Under the noise of the closing of the transfer market, whites will play with the usual pressure. Another stumble would be the worst way to end August and face the break of selections.

Zinedine Zidane , under the magnifying glass too, needs to hit with an eleven loaded with casualties. James and Isco, headlines against Valladolid, have been injured this week. Modric returns, yes. Upstairs, Vinicius and Jovic play a place in the lead.

After publicly giving his condolences to former coach Luis Enrique, the French coach, at the previous press conference, had to explain what the situation of Keylor Navas was, after assuring a week ago that the goalkeeper was going to continue. Now the situation has changed; He goes to the PSG. "It can happen [let him go]. Keylor tomorrow will be with us, but until day 2 everything can happen. We have an important game, it's the only thing we are thinking about"

ZZ was asked directly if he has the template he wants: "I am proud of it. For me they are the best. The important thing is to be at ease. And I am. Everyone would like to train this team."

Without Pogba signed and with some discards without leaving, the French summer has not gone as expected. Even so, it ensures that nothing has changed with the club. "My relationship with Florentino is very good. He is the one who has brought me here and I will never forget it."

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