Giorgio Chiellini suffered a major knee injury on Friday's Juventus training. Medical research showed that the Italian defender is struggling with a tear in the front cruciate ligament of his right knee.

It is still unclear how long the 35-year-old Chiellini will be out of circulation. According to Juventus, the 103-time international must undergo surgery anyway in the coming days.

Chiellini's injury increases the chances of playing time for Matthijs de Ligt. The Orange-international stayed on the bench the entire game at the start of the Juventus competition last week.

De Ligt saw Chiellini make the only goal of the match in the away match against Parma (0-1 win) last Saturday. The leader of 'De Oude Dame' was the central defense duo with Leonardo Bonucci.

Matthijs de Ligt sat on the couch for ninety minutes during Juventus' competition start. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Chances are great for debut De Ligt against Napoli

Due to Chiellini's injury, chances are that 20-year-old De Ligt, who came over for Ajax for 75 million euros this summer, will make his official debut for Juventus on Saturday. The team of coach Maurizio Sarri then receives Napoli.

De Ligt made his unofficial debut for Juventus at the end of July. The seventeen-time Oranje-international then played for half an hour in a lost exhibition game with Tottenham Hotspur (3-2).

The competition match between Juventus and Napoli starts on Saturday at 8.45 pm in the Allianz Stadium.

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