Summary of professional baseball results Seibu approaches the top spot without game difference August 31 23:44

Six games of professional baseball were played, and Seibu, the 2nd place in the Pacific League, approached Softbank, the top place, without any game difference.

Pacific League

In Seibu vs. Softbank, Seibu won 10-5.
Seibu scored five points in a row, including No. 21 Touran, Mori ’s four-game consecutive home run, and Yamakawa ’s No. 39 Touran. Akiyama's 19th solo was held twice, and Yamakawa's second 40th solo was released in the seventh. Pitcher Mitsunari Takahashi won the 10th victory with 5 goals and 4 runs. Seibu approached the top and Softbank with 5 consecutive victories without any game difference. Softbank loses 5 consecutive losses with the Wada pitcher breaking.

Rakuten vs. Nippon Ham won Rakuten 1-0.
Rakuten scored one point during Asamura's double play five times and defended this lead with five pitcher relays. Karashima pitcher is the 8th win with 6 points in the middle with no goal. Pitcher Matsui gave 31 saves. Nippon Ham fell to the bottom with five consecutive losses.

Lotte won ORIX and ORIX won 2: 1.
ORIX won the second solo of Adachi from No. 9 out 2 out. The starting pitcher, Albers, made a good run with 7 goals and 1 goal in the middle. Orix has decided to win the Lotte match this season. Lotte couldn't take advantage of the early chances and couldn't support the starting pitcher Sasaki.

Se League

Hanshin vs. Giant won by Hanshin 4-2.
Hanshin won 2 out of 7 outs, 2 wins in the solo, Nakatani's No. 6 solo, and in the 8th, he gave additional points on the wild pitch. The starting pitcher, Nishi pitcher, pitched 6 times and 2 goals, and the fourth pitcher Fujikawa reached the double digit save for the first time in 7 years. Hanshin who won the game stopped 3 consecutive losses. One giant stops with 3 consecutive wins.

Hiroshima vs. DeNA won 4-4.
Hiroshima scored three points three times with Matsuyama's Timely and Serizawa's No. 10 Touran. In the fifth round, Abe's lead was expanded on a timely two-base basis. Guri pitches 7th in 2 runs in the middle of 7 times. Hiroshima stopped three consecutive losses. DeNA is a stop with 5 consecutive wins.

Sakaki vs Yakult won 10 times and 5-2 for Yakult.
Yakult won 10 times 2 to 2 in Tetsuto Yamada's No. 32 three-run. The third pitcher Hirai is the first star in three years. Yakult's losing streak stopped at 4. On Sino-Japan, the 4th pitcher Fujishima lost his first goal this season, and his consecutive win was 3 and stopped.