Contributing to the Olympic Games Talk show on the theme of Politics Tabata, August 31 20:32

A talk show was held on the theme of the politics of Tabata who worked hard to invite the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the development of Japanese swimming.

The talk show held in Tokyo on March 31 was attended by Mr. Tsuyoshi Aoki of the Japan Swimming Federation and Reiko Nakamura, a bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing.

Mr. Tabata, chairman of the Japan Swimming Federation, did his best to invite the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and develop Japanese swimming.

And it is depicted as one of the protagonists in NHK's currently airing TV drama “Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic IV”.

Mr. Aoki, who was an instructor at the swimming school that Mr. Tabata was involved in, said, “I was over 70 years old but I was very energetic. In the same way, it was called by the nickname “Mer-chan”.

Mr. Nakamura mentioned that he received a medal at the same swimming school and received guidance from Hirasaki Hiramasa. “Mr. Tabata was analyzing athletes from other countries. "I feel like it."

A woman in her 50s who visited the venue said, “I feel like Mr. Tabata is very good at taking money and full of passion and human charm. Next year at the Tokyo Olympics. I want to support the activities of the Japanese national swimming team. "