• Chronicle: Barcelona is trapped in El Sadar

In other times, good times, Barcelona liked Halloween very much, with its indecipherable footballers in the field and disguised in the locker room. Times have changed, never better said, and this Barcelona is more like that of Todos los Santos, a holiday celebrated on the same day, but with contrition instead of procacity, with crying instead of laughter. While fans put candles on the recovery of Messi , managers process Paris with a tan from the Costa Brava to play in the Al-Khelaifi monopoly, and the coach, desperate, turns to a child after looking at either side of the bench.

The permanent invocation to Neymar has dwarfed the figures of Griezmann and De Jong , two hierarchical players but unknown and depressed in the furnace of the Sadar. They have paid for them but they probably wonder if it was them they wanted. The League, increasingly frantic, with a pace that is going to demand a lot from the big ones, is not for lukewarm, nor for protests like those of Piqué . The VAR has relegated them to the old order. Either you run or die. Ansu Fati and Arthur did it to offer insufficient hope to a Barcelona that has left five points out of nine.

A child in the body of a man is the best player possible, because, after so many millions, sometimes we forget that this is a game. Ansu Fati, to whom a Valverde without Messi and fed up with Neymar resorted to pierce Osasuna's right wing, should not be in the area to finish off as if he did it with a sextant. But children do not have our order. Its chaos is not disorder, it is a different order that makes football feel great, and more in a team to take away from Messi is like suppressing the north of a compass. The leader of this club has long since ceased to be the game. Pity.

Ansu Fati's 16 years have seven zeros less than the 160 million euros that Barça paid for Coutinho . Two records On the one hand, the precocity, being the second player to debut with that age in the history of the club; on the other, the investment in a signing. The Brazilian has fled to Munich while a player from the forgotten Masia emerges. The comparison invites reflection in an industry that needs not to forget its genesis, and a club that created the best creature in this game. Not all come from Paris.

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