Rugby Sunwolves new head coach Mr. Okubo August 30 15:10

Former Japanese representative Naoya Okubo has been appointed as the new head coach of Sunwolves, the Japanese team participating in the world's highest super rugby. This is the first time that a Japanese has been appointed as a super rugby head coach.

This was announced by the Sunwolves governing body on the 30th.

Mr. Okubo is 43 years old. After graduating from university, he joined the current Top League Suntory and participated in 23 matches as a representative of Japan, including participating in the 1999 and 2003 World Cup as a forward player.

After retiring, he served as a Suntory coach, and since last season, has been a forward coach for Sunwolves.

Mr. Okubo is the first Japanese head coach in Super Rugby.

Mr. Okubo said, “In the past four years, many players have experienced the world's toughest tournament Super Rugby and have made great progress. Japan Rugby must take a powerful step forward after the World Cup, and I feel very proud and rewarded to be involved in such an important phase. "

Sunwolves will be excluded from the league at the end of the next season after finishing the season at the bottom for the second consecutive year with 2 wins and 14 losses this season in the 4th year of the race.