Professional baseball Hanshin Toriya Talking with the team over the next season's departure August 30, 13:30

Professional baseball Takashi Toritani of Hanshin found that he had a meeting place with the team on the 29th for the next season.

Hanshin's 38-year-old, Toriya, has hit 2082 hits, the largest number of teams.

This season, the final year of the five-year contract, has continued to appeal for the regular recapture of shorts. However, so far only 56 games have been played, mainly with replacements, and the batting average is 20% and the home run and hitting points are 0.

As the head of the Hanshin no Tanimoto Shukyu Team headquarters interviewed the media during the next season's debate, it was revealed that the president of the team had a meeting with Toriya in the morning on the 29th. I made it.

“That ’s one of the few players who can decide whether to advance or retreat,” says Tanimoto. “The story is in the midst of this season ’s battle, so please forgive me. ”And expressed his intention to continue discussions with Toriya.

On top of that, he said, “The team ’s record of hitting the team is being updated and the enthusiasm for this season has been communicated. I expect it to show unchanging performance.”