The final stage of preparation of Nurmagomedov

There are only eight days left before the main match of the UFC 242 tournament. For several months, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Porrier trained hard in anticipation of the fight, and in the near future they will proceed to the final stage of the preparatory program. Both athletes will slightly reduce the load and focus on a complex weight loss procedure.

Nurmagomedov knows firsthand how difficult this process is. So, in May 2013, he could not meet the limit of the light weight category, as a result of which the fight with Abel Trujillo took place in the intermediate weight, and Habib himself was deprived of half the prize. However, this did not prevent him from easily sorting out the American, simultaneously setting the UFC record for the number of takedowns (transfers to the ground) in a single match - 21.

The second time, Nurmagomedov encountered problems related to weight loss in March 2017, but then he could not get rid of the lost fee. The UFC leadership for the third time tried to arrange a meeting between a Russian and Tony Ferguson, but a few days before the show, Habib was hospitalized. The reason for this was health problems due to weight loss. As a result, the battle was canceled.

However, at that time, his father Abdulmanap was not next to the current UFC champion, who repeatedly declared his ability to bring his son to the match in perfect shape. Apparently, in his presence everything is going according to plan.

“These fees went very well. I plowed for almost 100 days, now there is exactly one week left before the fight, and I'm ready. Next week we will reduce the load and begin targeted weight loss, ”Nurmagomedov wrote on his Instagram page.

Thus, the upcoming battle will be special in the sense that Abdulmanap will second his son for the first time during his fight in the UFC. Due to visa problems, Nurmagomedov’s father did not have the right to enter the United States, as a result of which he could not only be at the cage, but also take part in the final stage of preparation. As a result, the head of the American Kickboxing Academy, Javier Mendes, was responsible for the athlete.

“It was a great pleasure to work together with this great coach and man - Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. He is strict and requires discipline from all his fighters, urges them to be responsible for their actions, ”Mendes wrote on his page on the social network.

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Conflict with Taktarov

However, there are those who do not share this opinion regarding Nurmagomedov Sr. So, the winner of the UFC 6 tournament Oleg Taktarov spoke rather harshly about the father of the Russian champion, accusing him of trying to cross out his name from the history of mixed martial arts. At the same time, he did not name Abdulmanap by name, but he clearly hinted that he was talking about him.

“I won 24 years ago. He lived beautifully for 20 years. And suddenly, out of nowhere, experts appeared (dad - coach, great magician and wizard) and decided that I was not the first UFC champion. They called me the day before the interview, where it was said that technically I am not one and should be forgotten about me, ”Taktarov said on the YouTube channel“ Otduvushushu ”.

He expressed the opinion that his achievement should not be called into question, and also recalled that at the time, Fedor Emelianenko did similar.

“I do not ask for money, fame. Just don't be bullshit. Everyone who blundered, got knocked out, their biography went nowhere. This is the law of life, the universe, ”concluded the athlete.

Apparently, Abdulmanap realized that he was talking about him, and answered Taktarov on the social network. He called on his supporters "not to offend Oleg" and recalled his arrival in Dagestan.

“I had no conflict with you, Oleg. You and my coach were visiting me, you had a good time and left. And now you want to get Fedor, Khabib and me. Thank you for everything, ”concluded Nurmagomedov Sr.

Revenge fight with McGregor

As for Habib himself, even before the battle with Porje, he has to answer questions about his sworn enemy. In the MMA community, many continue to hope for a second duel between Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, although the Russian himself has repeatedly stated his unwillingness to give him a chance to compete for the title.

At the same time, Nurmagomedov noted that there is still serious tension in relations between him and the Irishman. According to him, their battle at the UFC 229 tournament did not put an end to this story.

“It’s not enough just to beat someone. It is not enough just to defeat him, we must do this with his entire team. Before the fight, I thought to myself and told my teammates: “Today we are going to fight - do not fight. It will never end. Never. If we (with McGregor. - RT ) see you somewhere, then we will clash. Hundred percent. It doesn’t matter if any of us go to jail or something like that after that. I'm not afraid of that. He (and his team. - RT ) will be taken to the hospital, and us to the police, ”Nurmagomedov told ESPN.

At the same time, he once again expressed the opinion that at the moment McGregor does not deserve a duel for the lightweight title.

“Let McGregor first return and issue a series of nine to ten victories. Then we will fight. Perhaps someone who watches this interview will have the thought: “He still doubts, but when the UFC asks this guy to meet with Conor for millions of dollars, he will agree.” Not. Fight. Come back and show who you are, ”said the Russian.

Answering a question about the future of McGregor, UFC President Dana White said that it largely depends on the outcome of the battle between Nurmagomedov and Porrier. At the same time, the Russian himself is sure that the head of the promotion should not offer him a meeting with the Irishman.

“Dana should not call me ... We communicate with him from time to time, he is a good guy, but do not talk to me about this crazy fight. I want to fight with real athletes: with Dustin Porrier, Tony Ferguson, possibly with Georges Saint-Pierre, if one of the greatest fighters in history wants this. I’m not interested in a fight with someone who will never win, ”concluded Nurmagomedov.