Basketball World Cup opening today is the strongest ever in Japan, August 31 at 4:41

The basketball World Cup will open in China on the 31st. Japan has NBA = American professional basketball, Wizards Yasushi Yamura, etc., and is evaluated as the strongest team in history.

The World Cup, the world's best basketball boy, will start on the 31st in China and will be held in 32 cities in 8 cities. The tournament consists of four teams, with eight groups starting with the first round, with the top two teams advancing to the second round.

Japan, ranked 48th in the world ranking, will play 17th Turkey, 24th Czech, and 1st America in the first round.

Japan has participated in the World Cup four times in the past, and 11th place in 1967 is the best.

This is the first appearance in 13 years, including Yachimura, NBA, and Grizzlies' Yuta Watanabe, who are also regarded as the strongest team in the history of the national team.

Japan has won the 22nd place in Germany in the pre-contest strengthening match, and it will be noted what results can be achieved against the powerful and the best teams in the World Cup performance.

The winning candidate will be the first group in the United States, the same group as Japan, and all of them will be NBA players, aiming for the first time in the history of the tournament. In addition, Serbia, the fourth-place winner of the previous tournament in the world, MVP from last season of NBA, and Yannis Antetokunpo, who won the Best Player Award, are the leading teams in the top 8 in the world.

The final will be held on the 15th of next month.