Rugby World Cup team's latest world ranking (August 26th) August 29th 17:03

The latest world ranking of all 20 teams participating in the World Cup Japan Tournament. (August 26)

Rugby's world ranking is determined by the points won and lost by each team and is updated every Monday.

The rankings of all 20 teams participating in the World Cup in the World Ranking announced by World Rugby, an international organization of rugby on 26th of this month, are as follows.

1st place: Wales,
2nd: New Zealand,
3rd place: England,
4th place: Ireland,
5th place: South Africa,
6th place: Australia,
7th place: Scotland,
8th place: France,
9th place: Japan,
10th place: Fiji,
11th place: Argentina,
12th place: Georgia,
13th place: Italy,
14th: America,
15th place: Tonga,
16th place: Samoa,
19th place: Uruguay,
20th place: Russia,
21st place: Canada,
23rd place: Namibia.

Ireland, the Japanese national team in the first league group A in the second game on September 28, retreated to fourth place after losing 15-57 to England in the 24th test match this month. England has moved from fifth place to third place.

Scotland, where Japan will play in the final round of the first league on October 13, won France in the 24th game and moved up to 7th place.