Summary of professional baseball results The Se-League giant will win the Magic 19 to win on August 29 at 0:37

In professional baseball, one game was canceled due to rain, and five games were held. In the SE League, the top giant reduced the magic number for winning by one to “19”.

Se League

Giant vs. Hiroshima won 6 to 2.

The giant returned 2 points 5 times, and after returning to Kamei's timely one, Hayato Sakamoto hit the 33rd Touran and reversed. In addition, Okamoto hit the 25th solo and raised four points this time.
In the sixth round, Kamei expanded his lead with No. 12 Touran.
Pitcher Sugano won the 11th win with 7 goals and 2 runs.
Hiroshima was caught by Nomura pitcher five times.

As for DeNA vs. Yakult, DeNA won 12 times, 7 vs. 6 and goodbye.

DeNA decided 6-12 times in a timely manner from Yamamoto, who is the best player and 12 out of 6 out.
The sixth pitcher Muto won for the first time in four years.
DeNA won three times in a row by winning the seventh Sayonara this season, surpassing Yakult for the first time in two years.
Ms. Murakami retired from Yakult 12 times with 2 outs.

In Hanshin vs. Chunichi, Chunichi won 1-0.

On the middle day, we decided to win this card for the second consecutive year, observing one point from Abe's 6th solo.
Pitcher Ogasawara pitched carefully and managed to score three hits until the middle of the seventh round.
Hanshin hasn't made a chance and is losing its 12th season.

Pacific League

Nippon Ham vs. Seibu became a cold game 8 times, and Seibu won 10-8.

Seibu was 6: 7, 6 times, 2 outs, 1st and 2nd, Nakamura's hitting Uchino hits the opponent's third ball, and two points were reversed.
In addition, a timely two base came out to Kuriyama and gave three points this time.
The game became a cold game due to sunset when Seibu took 2 points in the 8th no-out.
The third Noda pitcher is the second win. The pitcher Hirara, who was held six times in the middle, gave his first professional save.
Nippon Ham has lost its pitchers.

Rakuten vs Lotte won Lotte 5-4.

Lotte won the first time with Kiyota's timely, and in the second, Nakamura Shogo's timely two-base etc., 3 points, 6 times squeeze 1 point.
The starting rookie pitcher Kojima took his second victory with five runs and three runs.
Lotte won the Rakuten match for the first time in three years.
For Rakuten, pitcher Norimoto Norimoto collapsed twice with 4 goals.

Orix vs Softbank was canceled due to rain.