Darvish 5th win 2500 strikeouts in Japan and the United States on August 28 at 12:19

Major League Baseball and Cubs Darvish pitchers started the game against Mets on the 27th, making a good 5th win with 1 goal against 8 runs and recorded 2500 strikeouts in Japan and the United States.

Darvish pitcher has achieved 4 wins and 6 losses so far this season, and since the 4th of this month, he has not won any stars in the 3 games.

On the 27th, we started the game against Mets in New York, the home city of the other party, in 5 days, and once, we showed a good start to restrain with three batters, such as gathering the changing balls low.

Darvish pitched up to 2 hits up to 3 times, but the top batter caught a fast ball with a higher outside corner and lost 1 point in the home run.

On this day, the friendly hitting line was reversed by a five-run home run, and another six-run home run helped Darvish pitcher.

Darvish pitcher took 6 strikeouts with a sharp curve in the 2nd out of the scene, became the 1250th strikeout in the 8th year of Major League Baseball, and together with the 1250 strikeouts of professional baseball Nippon Ham era. We recorded 2500 strikeouts for milestones in the United States.

The Darvish pitcher was struck out twice in seven consecutive times, so he did not allow any additional points, and his bats were sent in nine at-bats.

The game was won by Cubs 5-2, and Darvish pitched the longest eight times of the season, with seven strikeouts, five forgive hits and one foreball, one goal. This is the first time in four games, and this season's results are 5 wins and 6 losses.