The National Youth Team (born 2001) is playing an important match today and is looking for the final card in the West Asian Youth Championship under the age of 19, when the host and the public face the Palestinian team at the Faisal Husseini International Stadium.

The «white youth» has booked its seat in the round of four after leading the second group with four points, after a negative draw in the first round against Bahrain, and victory over Iraq in the second round 4-2.

The results of the last round of the group phase saw Iraq qualify to the semi-finals and runners-up to Group B, after beating Bahrain 2-1, while the Palestinian team tied with Qatar two goals for them to qualify as runners-up to Group A with one point, and the goal difference from Qatar.

And meet in the second match within the same round, today, Jordan team leader of Group A with six points with Iraq and runners-up Group B, on the same stadium.

"The qualification came well and deservedly," coach Verdo Millen said in a press statement. "The white side is on an upward trend in the level and the results," he said. Especially in the second game in which the players presented a technical level, physical and high morale and were able to score four goals in Iraq ».

He stressed the readiness of all players to face Palestine, stressing that the goal is to win and qualify to the final, and to compete strongly for the title of the championship, which comes an important part, in the preparation of the team for the Asian Cup qualifiers, scheduled in Iran next November.

The second game

In the semi-finals

Combine elected

Jordanian and Iraqi.