Soccer Thailand National Team Manager Nishino's first practice after taking office August 27th 23:53

Former Japanese national football team manager Akira Nishino took the first practice for the second World Cup Asian qualifier starting next month as the newly appointed Thai national team manager.

Director Nishino took over the role of coach Halil Hodzi at the last World Cup Russia tournament and was appointed as the manager of the Japanese national team two months before the tournament. I became director.

On the 27th, the first practice was held after taking office in the suburbs of Bangkok for the World Cup Asian second qualifier starting next month.

At the beginning, Director Nishino gathered the players and explained the policy, etc., through the interpreter, first preparing the condition and then gradually increasing the practice load.

After that, only a 15-minute warm-up was revealed, and Director Nishino was moving his body together by stretching and jogging while watching the movements of the players.

The Thai national team aiming for the first appearance in the World Cup is ranked 115th in the FIFA = International Football Federation world ranking, and in the second round of Asian qualifiers after the first match against Vietnam on the 5th next month, the 65th place UAE = United Arab Emirates Play against the Federation and others.

Nishino said, “It was the pitch since I lost the World Cup last year, so I was very fresh and renewed for the football world. Since there are many powerful players, It ’s how we unite and put our power together as a group. ”