With seven rounds left to play, Rosengård is in pole position for the SM gold, two points ahead of Gothenburg.

But they can be forced without the Scottish national team player, who this year mostly played right-handers. She was injured on a workout last Friday when she got stuck with her foot in the artificial grass, and twisted to her right knee.

May be gone for a long time

She has now undergone a magnetic X-ray, and was told that she had a cartilage injury on the outside of her knee. And now she can be gone for a while.

- It's very difficult to say when it comes to cartilage damage. Some manage to be back after 4-6 weeks, but Rasmus Bengtsson was gone for six months, says doctor Pär Herbertsson to Sydsvenskan.

Sports manager Therse Sjögran sees it as a heavy blow.

- Of course it is a break for us, so it is. Last spring she was one of our best players. She has had some injury problems on and off, including during the World Cup. Of course we will miss her, but we will solve it with the players we have, she says.