The Victorian Team of Speedboats - Formula 2 - congratulated the Abu Dhabi family on the outstanding result of Rashid Al Qamzi on board the Abu Dhabi 35, the Italian Grand Prix champion - the third round of the 2019 world championship - and approaching the restoration of the world title.

Al-Qamzi won the first place in the main race yesterday, boycotting 43 tournaments, clocking 48:43:82 minutes, beating first rider Peterson (second) and Swedish Pima Suholm (third).

Victory 4, led by rider Ahmed Al Fahim, finished the main race of the Italy Prize in 11th place, completing 42 sessions on the course and recording a time of 49:17:32 minutes, 22 part of the second from the 10-place veteran Owen Gulf.

Ahmed Al Fahim said that the participation in the third round was important, and achieved the required to complete the race for the first time without technical problems, which gives him the impetus to develop the performance of the boat better in the remaining two rounds of the tournament. He added that the race in general was difficult, because it was held in a course and a fairly narrow course, with the participation of 20 boats, which made the task difficult, noting that the race has turned its page waiting for the next of the participants, and we will work very hard to prepare and participate successfully and positively with the technical team And cadre work to ensure the development of performance boats.

Victory Team is preparing again through the boats Victory 4 led by Ahmed Al Fahim and Victory 27 led by Mansour Al Mansouri, to appear in the fourth leg and round before the final of the world championship to be held in the city of Ribadoro Piao, Portugal in mid-September.