Philippe's second ball in a row and Shelia's blunder

The tour opened with a fight between Tambov and Dynamo in Saransk. The RPL rookie intended to score important points, but lost. An individual class of football players decided everything. First, in the very end of the first half, Maximilian Philip scored in the second match in a row. The German managed to deliver an accurate and powerful blow to the near nine from outside the penalty area.

If in this episode there were no questions for the goalkeeper of the nominal owners Georgi Shelia, then after the break he seriously let the team down when he unsuccessfully jumped out to intercept. As a result, Vyacheslav Grulyov won the fight against him, made a transfer to Kirill Panchenko, and he, in turn, put an end to the game.

The frustrated Tambov mentor Alexander Grigoryan, after the final whistle, gave an angry speech to the wards and said that they “had done nothing to get away from the banality.”

The historic victory of Ufa and the rescue of Lunev

And after that the main sensation of the tour took place - the current Zenit champion on the road unexpectedly lost to Ufa. Apparently, the team did not have enough head coach Sergei Semak, who was disqualified for insulting the judges.

As a result, the ball stubbornly did not go to the goal. Neither 16 shots, nor more than ten canopies from the flanks helped them score. In general, the owners coped with the threats of a venerable opponent and responded with no less dangerous counterattacks. A couple of times the guests were saved by the former Ufa goalkeeper Andrei Lunev, who was very warmly welcomed in Bashkortostan.

But 15 minutes before the final whistle, and he could not help Zenit, when a young pupil of Krasnodar, Daniil Fomin sent the ball under the crossbar from an acute angle and recorded his third goal this season.

True, in the time added by the referee, the Petersburg team managed to recoup after a corner, but the judge canceled the goal, believing that Serdar Azmun knocked the ball out of the hands of Alexander Belenov in violation of the rules.

Thus, “Ufa” not only inflicted “Zenith” the first defeat of the season, but for the first time in history beat the blue-white-blue. It is symbolic that a week earlier the team removed zero in the defeat graph from Rostov.

Curiosity Safonova and Suleymanov’s saving goal

The defeat of the “Zenith” provided an opportunity to go on a clean first place to “Krasnodar” with “Locomotive”. The winner of their in-person match took the lead. The southerners were initially in a losing position, because they were defeated by Olympiakos in the Champions League during the week and, in addition, Remy Cabell and Alexander Martynovich lost due to injuries.

Disappointing forecasts came true already in the first minutes, and the footballer was mistaken, from whom this was least expected - Matvey Safonov. After a slight blow, Grzegorz Krychowiak from outside the penalty area, the goalkeeper unexpectedly failed to fix the ball in his hands and missed it into the net. In defense of the goalkeeper, before that there was a slight rebound.

To the honor of Krasnodar, the hosts quickly managed to come to their senses and pushed the opponent to the gate. As a result, they managed to recoup shortly before the break. 171-centimeter Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov competently opened at the far post and moved the shell into the net with his head after the filing of Dmitry Stotsky.

In the second half, the pressure of Krasnodar increased even more, but Musaev’s wards did not manage to snatch the victory. The owners missed the most dangerous moment shortly before the final whistle, when Marinato Guillerme first managed to hit Younes Namli from outside the penalty area, and then with the finishing off of Marcus Berg. The draw did not allow any of the teams to break out into the clean first place, but according to the results of the round, opponents share it with three more teams.

Two points Chalova for performance and goalkeeper salvation from Fernandez

It was possible not to lag far behind the group of leaders and CSKA. CSKA in the last two matches of the RPL scored only one point, but on Sunday defeated the house “Akhmat”. Victor Goncharenko’s wards did not manage to print the opponent’s gate long enough, but once again the team was helped by Mario Fernandez. A naturalized Brazilian competently connected to the attack on the right flank and closed the lumbago Yaki Bijola. For the defender, this goal was the second in a row in the national championship. And at the beginning of the second half, Fernandez played perfectly as a goalkeeper, knocking the ball from the “ribbon” after hitting an opponent in an empty target.

And then CSKA managed to finally finish off Grozny, scoring twice more. The participation in both scoring episodes was taken by the best RPL scorer of the last season Fedor Chalov. First, he independently closed the delivery of Ivan Oblyakov from the corner, and then brought to an empty net Nikola Vlasic.

The only fly in the ointment for the army was the injury of Cyril Nababkin. The defender replenished the already crowded "infirmary" of the team. Only in recent matches has Goncharenko lost Ragnar Sigurdsson, Dmitry Efremov, and now Nababkin.

Schurrle's bad luck and incredible ending

A little later, Spartak joined the group of leaders, who with great difficulty outplayed Wings of the Soviets on the road. The red and white whole match possessed an undeniable advantage, delivered a total of almost 20 shots on goal, but could not open an account. And almost half of these attacks fell on Andre Schurrle. The world champion missed the most dangerous moment at the end of the first half, when he shot the bar from a slaughter position.

And literally a minute later, the hosts unexpectedly burst out, who carried out an ideal counterattack on the left flank. Alexander Sobolev closed the backache of Maxim Kanunnikov. For him, this goal was already the sixth in the current season of the RPL, and he continues to maintain leadership in the tournament scorers race.

In the second half, Oleg Kononov's wards came even more angry and quickly managed to recoup. After lumbago Guus Thiel from the front, the first goal in the new team scored Jordan Larsson.

Following the coaching staff of the guests, Ayaz Guliyev and Zelimkhan Bakaev, who received a little respite, entered the field and Spartak finally pressed the opponent to the goal. Everything was decided in the end. First, Alexander Maksimenko made a double salvation, and then Bakaev dragged the ball to someone else's penalty area and made a transfer to Til, who also scored a debut goal with a billiard blow to the near corner. The red-white joy knew no bounds, because they won the third consecutive victory in the RPL and caught up with Rostov, Krasnodar, Lokomotiv and Zenit in the standings.

19 shots of “Rostov” and a winning goal in the 87th minute

In turn, Rostov, like Spartak, snatched out a victory over Rubin only in the ending itself. At the same time, fans have witnessed a truly exciting match with virtually no center field. But the rest of Kazan had to fight back.

However, almost the first successful attack of the guests was successful. Vyacheslav Podberezkin scored one on one Yevgeny Markov with an excellent cutting pass, and he scored a goal in the second match in a row.

But “Rostov” quickly enough responded with the fifth ball of Eldor Shomurdov this season. In the scorer race, he is second only to Sobolev. It is noteworthy that shortly before this, Rubin could double the advantage in the long run, but the shell after the shot Zuriko Davitashvili hit the post.

And in the second half, wards of Valery Karpin finally switched to a state of siege. They literally surrounded the opponent’s penalty area and struck blow after blow. In general, the yellow-blue were marked by 19 shots, 9 of which - on target.

But Rostov managed to snatch victory only in the ending itself. After the filing of Evgeny Chernov, the newcomer to the team, Alexander Saplinov, whose growth is almost two meters, calmly turned the ball into the target with his head. At the same time, the striker seems to have gotten into an offside position, but the referees did not register an offside position. After the game, Kazan citizens published in their social networks a video replay of the controversial episode with the signature "Judge for yourself."

Lomovitsky's debut ball in the RPL and Arsenal in one point from the leaders

Arsenal, which finished sixth in the RPL standings last season, made an extremely unsuccessful debut in European competitions, but has been quite successful in the RPL so far. After the away defeat against Rubin, the gunners at home managed to beat the outsider Orenburg and reduced the gap between the group of leaders by one point.

The account leased from Spartak was opened by Alexander Lomovitsky. Midfielder from outside the penalty area struck an accurate and powerful shot at the near nine. It is noteworthy that for him this goal was the first in the RPL.

Orenburg managed to recoup after the break - George Despotovich scored the third goal in the current season of the national championship. But after only ten minutes, the victory was brought to the hosts by Eugene Lutsenko. Forward not too well handled the ball, but still burst into the penalty area and just shot into the far nine.

Help VAR “Ural” and the first goal of Zabolotny in the RPL in 470 days

In the final match of the tour, another Sochi outsider was also defeated. Wards of Alexander Tochilin on the road could not cope with the “Urals”. Moreover, the guests missed the first ball from the penalty spot, which was appointed by judge Sergei Karasev after watching the replay. The eleven-meter sold by Eric Bikfalvi.

Sochi also helped to recoup shortly before the break, the goal of the rookie team Anton Zabolotny. The forward scored a debut goal for southerners and the first in the RPL since last May, when he hit the gates of SKA-Khabarovsk.

But in the second half, “Ural” still squeezed an opponent, and the main character in the composition of Yekaterinburg was Nikolai Dimitrov, who first performed an excellent effective pass for Andrei Panyukov, and then he delivered a beautiful blow to the far nine from outside the penalty area.