Egyptian star Mohamed Salah tops the list of Arab stars follow-up on social networking sites (50 million followers) after he reached the world with his football arts, but maligned him the way he deals with his audience on "Social Media."

Although he earns $ 165,000 for one post on one of his three platforms, his tweets often irritate his followers and make him vulnerable to criticism, while other stars led by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo have a dedicated team to coordinate with him to deliver messages to the public and the community and promote and market Professionally photographed away from distortion or misunderstanding.

"Emirates Today" monitors the most prominent four crises Mohammed Salah on social networking sites, in conjunction with an investigation entitled: "Social Arab football .. Lost goals and a network without a guard," which delve into the problems of players in dealing with the digital space, as follows:

1- Misr Station
I was particularly emotional when the public criticized him for posting a smiling picture on Twitter a few hours after the train accident in Egypt, which killed dozens of people and injured, and the public accused him of not paying attention to the feelings of Egyptians and grief for the victims.

2- Playboy Magazine
The public criticized him after posting a photo of him on his personal «« Facebook »wearing a shirt with the logo of the famous« Playboy »pornography, and appeared on the shirt Salah« Playboy Project »in reverse letters, before it turned out to be a campaign against the spread of porn, not promotion.

3- Copy of the aircraft
He entered the war «Social Media» with the management of the Football Association to use the rights of his image on the plane of the team heading to the World Cup Russia 2018 without reference to him, and did not know the player to send a clear message explaining his position, the audience considered his tweets obstruct the team facilitator.

4. The Rose Thistle
Affected by the crisis of his colleague Amr Warda, and accused by the global public that he is defending «harassing player», because he did not fully clarify his position on the incident at the time, after tweeting in words lacking a clear opinion of the case and attributed to him supporting statements to return to the team after the decision to exclude The latter, before going out to the English media a few days ago to deny his intervention to return a rose to the team after the crisis of sexual harassment allegations, during the African Nations Cup.