John van den Brom does not have a good word for the way in which the much-discussed video referee comes to decisions this season. According to the FC Utrecht coach, it all takes far too long.

Van den Brom's team was penalized on Sunday with a 0-2 deficit against VVV-Venlo, but referee Jochem Kamphuis reconsidered his decision on the recommendation of the VAR. An offside was found. Finally, nine minutes were added.

"There are so many unclear moments. Why does a decision from Zeist have to last five minutes? What is that about? It is very irritating, especially if you are behind it," says Van den Brom at FOX Sports .

"If the person in Zeist needs five minutes to come to the conclusion that it was offside ... I now look at the images and see it after ten seconds."

"It is annoying, because we wanted to make the connection goal. In the end, the penalty was canceled, while it was just what we needed at the time."


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"Childish guys from arbitration"

52-year-old Van den Brom regularly went to the Galgenwaard stadium on Sunday to face arbitration and was awarded a yellow card by referee Kamphuis for his behavior.

"They are childish guys. I am very sympathetic to my team, and then I was in the field. How childish are you to give a yellow card?" Says the Amersfoorter.

"The fact that we are not winning is because we are not taking advantage of the opportunities and defending badly against the goals. The easiest thing you can do is point to the arbitration."

The matches between FC Utrecht and VVV ended in 1-2. The Van den Brom team therefore missed the opportunity to take the lead in the Eredivisie.

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