Al Wasl coach Roman Lorient Regicamp has turned down an offer from VfB Stuttgart to take charge of the club starting this season, Romanian media reported.

Rigikamp's agent and his wife, Anna Maria Brodan, confirmed that Stuttgart had entered into negotiations to sign Rigikamp before the start of the season.

"The Romanian coach has turned down the offer, expressing his desire to continue with Al Wasl, which extends his contract until 2021, as well as that Stuttgart relegated to the second division, which made Rigikamp, ​​rejecting the offer from all sides."

Anna Maria explained that the fee was not great, which is certainly one of the reasons Rigikamp refuses to discuss Stuttgart's offer, besides his view that training in the second division will not be better than training in the Arabian Gulf League, pointing out that the Romanian coach is considered the Champions League It has reached very high levels, which makes its games exciting, and may match some of the Champions League games, so he is happy to train in the Asian continent.

She pointed out that Steaua Bucharest had expressed interest in signing Rijekamp, ​​but explained that the fee is very weak, stressing that there is nothing to make the coach Al Wasl leave his post until he gets 50,000 euros a month, while receiving a much larger amount with « the emperor".

Reggiekamp puts the option of returning to Steaua Bucharest as one of his future priorities. “Reggie will definitely return to Steaua again, but he has a contract with Al Wasl for two seasons, and then he might consider his next move, including Steaua, especially if Gigi continues,” she said. Becali is president of the Romanian club, because the relationship between them is great, and Regicamp considers Becali like his father, and there is no doubt that if Steaua is without a coach, and the same for Regicamp without a club, he will take over the team again. ''

"Becali will ask Regicamp to continue with Al Wasl, because he knows the big difference in salaries, and it is impossible to return to Romania for the time being," she concluded.

On the other hand, the newspaper «AVZ» Romanian, the president of Steaua Bucharest left the door open to Laurent Regicamp to return to the club again at any time, explaining that the team currently coaching, temporarily, the Romanian Virgil Andronac, succeeding the coach Romania's Bogdan Ventilla is going through a difficult period, after receiving a heavy loss, the day before yesterday, four goals without reply, against the gas Metan in the Romanian league, where Steaua Bucharest only achieved one win in the first seven rounds of the league, and lost five games and a draw in One game, ranking 13th in the standings, one point behind Sahib Last place Dynamo Bucharest.

She pointed out that Steaua will play a decisive game, the day after tomorrow, in the qualifying for the group stage of the European League, against Vitoria Guimarães Portugal, after the two teams drew in Bucharest without goals, pointing out that Gigi Becali is seeking to sign a new coach at any cost, so as to save the team from the beginning Bad season.

Regicamp has previously coached Steaua Bucharest twice, the first from 2012 to 2014, during which he won the league title twice, the Super Cup once, and the second period was from 2015 to 2017 before leaving for the unit training.

"There is no reason why the coach of Al Wasl leaves his post until he gets 50,000 euros a month," said Anna Maria.

The Regicamp contract with Al Wasl runs until 2021.