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The days continue to pass and there is still nothing clear about Neymar's future. At the moment, the Brazilian is not on the list of those called by Paris Saint-Germain for the third league game that tonight will measure them at Toulouse in the Parc des Princes.

According to the official statement, the player, who has just overcome an injury, is in the "training" phase, although the club is waiting for his future to be clarified amid tensions over his departure before the transfer market closes .

The call of Neymar would have caused a plebiscite in the Park of the Princes, which during the first league game was pronounced in a very majority way against its continuity in the club.

The most expensive player of all time, for which PSG paid Barcelona two years ago 222 million euros, has shown his interest in changing airs, something that Parisian fans have not liked.

Although the medical part of the player indicates that he is "ready to play", the player has not yet returned to the competition this season.

The coach, the German Thomas Tuchel, acknowledged at the press conference before the game that things are not clear at this time between the player and the club and in that situation can not play. "

Tuchel did not close the door to the continuity of the Brazilian star and even assured that since he has returned to training the player is behaving with great professionalism.

However, he acknowledged that the situation may be influencing the mood of the group, which adds a victory and a defeat in his first two days, far from the hegemonic domination of the past seasons.

Last year, the first of the German coach on the bench, who came to replace the Spaniard Unai Emery, the team chained 14 consecutive wins and, above all, was shown far superior to all rivals, an image that they are not giving this season.

Many blame this situation on the instability that comes from the situation of its most emblematic player, but the coach, who recognizes that it is "annoying that all the attention is focused" on the Brazilian, qualifies that his players have enough experience to face this type of situations.

At the moment, the absence of Neymar from the group only shows one indication: the PSG keeps the door open for its exit.

As Tuchel made clear, just a clarification, that is, the confirmation that the Brazilian would continue this season on the banks of the Seine, would allow him to have his star against Toulouse.

It remains to see if, although absent, the player will become the central phenomenon in the stands of the Park of the Princes. Another plebiscite against him from the fans would take him a little further from the French capital

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