Rotation from Kononov and Sobolev’s mood

The start of the season is incredibly eventful for Spartak. Red and white are forced to hold two matches a week and, in fact, according to Oleg Kononov, they do not even have time to train. And this week, the metropolitan team had to play three meetings at once - with CSKA, Braga and Wings of the Soviets.

If the army defeated the red and white, then the Portuguese team lost on the road with a minimum score. Naturally, the coaching staff of Muscovites could not ignore the enormous load that fell on the leaders, and in Samara resorted to serious rotation.

Compared to the match in Braga, the composition of Spartak has changed almost by half. Firstly, Gus Til and Jordan Larsson, who played in the LE qualification for other teams, returned to duty. Secondly, on the right flank of the defense, instead of the age Andrei Yeshchenko, young Nikolai Rasskazov appeared. Another young footballer also got a chance - Nail Umyarov. The pupil of Chertanovo was a great substitute in a duel with Braga, and Ayaz Guliyev replaced Samara.

In Wings of the Soviets, they were clearly not afraid of an opponent and intended to defeat the venerable opponent, despite the fact that Kononov’s wards won two victories in a row in the RPL. Moreover, it is precisely in the Samara team that the top scorer of the championship, Alexander Sobolev, has scored five goals in the first six rounds.

The forward was determined to distinguish himself in the match against Spartak, the more he scored in red and white. Two years ago, Sobolev hit the gates of the Moscow team in the Russian Cup match, but Wings then lost - 1: 3.

Unrealized moments of Spartak and a successful counterattack of Wings

At the start of the season for the red and white is not a very good game in the first halves. As if trying to refute this thesis, Kononov’s wards began the match quite actively. Schurrle was especially noticeable, who regularly received the ball from partners and hit on goal. True, Andre's blows lacked strength and accuracy. Even before the break, the world champion chalked up six shots at once. In total, there were nine of them in the match.

But the “Wings” were not only forced to defend themselves, but due to an injury, they lost Dmitry Kombarov in the first minutes. The ex-Spartak man left the field, limping, and instead, Vladimir Poluyakhtov left on the left flank of the hosts' defense.

Left without a leading defender, the Samara squeezed even closer to the goal and even counterattacked quite rarely. However, the offensive of Spartak also turned out to be quite "sterile." The guests hardly passed the saturated defense of the opponent. Perhaps best of all this was obtained by Reziuan Mirzov, who actively went to the stroke and provided interesting programs for the partners. On the opposite edge, Larsson also tried to establish himself. He hit the camera lens much less often, but received a yellow card.

On the whole, judge Sergey Lapochkin chose a rather tough line of behavior and distributed “mustard plasters” with great pleasure. Thus, Larsson, Georgy Dzhikia and Roman Zobnin “hung” on the red-and-white card in the first half.

And all the most interesting happened shortly before the break. First, Schurrle missed his most dangerous moment. Having received the ball in the penalty area, the German from the lethal position struck the post. And Mirzov’s shot at the finishing off with great difficulty managed to parry Sergei Ryzhikov.

But literally in a retaliatory attack, “Wings of the Soviets” came forward. The hosts earned an out on the left flank of the defense and easily passed the opponent’s defense in several passes. As a result, Maxim Kanunnikov performed a perfect cross on Alexander Sobolev, and the young striker calmly sent the ball into the net and scored his sixth goal in the current RPL season. It is noteworthy that this shot on target was the first in the match for Bozhovic wards.

Crazy ending and successful replacements

In the second half, red and white finally locked the opponent in his half of the field and quickly recouped. It is noteworthy that the return goal was built by two newcomers to Spartak - Til and Larsson. The first performed a good cross from the front, and the second confidently closed it. At the same time, a successful rebound from the defender's foot helped Jordan to score the debut ball as part of the new team.

After that, the advantage of the Moscow team became even more serious, and the “Wings” were already operating only near their own gates. And Kononov threw Zelimkhan Bakayev into battle. Bozovic responded by stepping forward the powerful Dejan Radonich, who helped the hosts begin to cling to the balls and imposed a lot of struggle between Jikia and Gigot.

And at Spartak he continued to hit past Schurrle's goal. The most true moment in the second half, he missed in the episode with the standard at the gates of others. With a free kick Andre spun the ball right into the far nine, but the shell somehow miraculously missed the target.

Kononov, meanwhile, continued to release the team leaders who received a respite, and Ayaz Guliyev went on the field instead of the tired Umyarov. Nobody intended to concede in this match, and the draw did not suit the hosts, who in the end found the strength to organize several promising attacks.

And literally a minute before the end of normal time, the Samaritians nearly pulled out three points, but once again Spartak saved Maksimenko. First, he dragged a header by Kanunnikov, and then he managed to finish off Srjan Miyailovich.

Then the famous football principle worked. The red and white fled to their quick attack and incredibly wrested a strong-willed victory. Zelimkhan Bakaev dragged the ball to someone else's penalty area, despite a blow to the legs, and redirected it to Til, and Gus sent the projectile right into the corner with an ideal shot.

Thus, the newcomers brought the victory to Spartak, and the red-and-white not only won their third consecutive victory in the RPL, but also wedged into the leading group consisting of five teams at once. Now, on Thursday, Kononov’s wards are waiting for the most important return match of the Europa League playoff round with Braga, in which only a victory is required.