Table Tennis Miu Hirano First victory at Izumi Satoshi at the international tournament To the final August 25 22:07

In the women's singles semi-finals of the international table tennis tournament held in the Czech Republic, Miu Hirano, who ranked 10th in the world ranking, won the first time in international competition against Yoshizumi Ishikawa, who ranked 6th in the world, and proceeded to the final.

The World Tour Czech Open organized by the International Table Tennis Federation held a semi-final of women's singles on the 25th, and Hirano and Ishikawa played Japanese players.

The 3rd game, which was picked up by one game each, was captured 11: 6 by catching the flow with the back hand that Hirano was good at.

In the 4th game, Ishikawa took the game point first, but Hirano struck with a forehand steadily in the game and took 14-14 in reverse.

Hirano, who took the momentum, also took the fifth game and won the first match in the 7th match of the international tournament with a game count of 4: 1 and proceeded to the final.

Mr. Hirano said, “It was good to have a strong feeling of winning because it was a confrontation between Japanese players.”

Table tennis for both men and women will be decided based on the world rankings based on the results of the international tournament over the course of one year.