The position right now:

Ladies: 104.5–100.5

Men: 105–99

4.30pm: Spear ladies
The Swedish ladies scored a few more points than expected when everyone managed to pass Jatta-Mari Jääskeläinen in an even javelin competition. 13–9 to Finland here.

16.33: 100m men
Henrik Larsson won the Heat relatively easily at 10.24. But behind him Erik Hagberg had to break the race because of an injury. Finland thus won the branch by 12–9.

16.35pm: Three step men
Jesper Hellström struck with a real bang when he took home the three-step competition, thirty centimeters ahead of big favorite Simo Lispanen. Hellström personally broke the record by nearly twenty centimeters when he jumped 16.71. A perfectly even branch 11-11.

16.40: 100 m ladies
Irene Eklund made a mighty comeback when she won the race at 11.44 - just a tenth from her personal record. Here the score distribution was 11–11.

16.45: Elevated ladies
Erika Kinsey showed fine World Cup form when she easily took home the height of 1.90. "Feels like she's in her life's shape," says expert Kajsa Bergqvist. Sweden won the branch with 13.5–8.5.

16.50: 10,000 m ladies
There was never really any doubt that Hanna Lindholm would take home the victory in the race, but behind her became the personal record for both the pair, Finnish Johanna Peiponen and third Johanna Eriksson. Swedish border winner by 13–9.

17.15: Bullet gentlemen
With one month left for the World Cup in Doha, Wictor Petersson showed that he is to be expected. Petersson struck with three throws over 19.5 meters. The longest measured 19.86. In the branch, it was 15–7 to Sweden. "It's such a great atmosphere, so it's hard not to do well," Petersson says.

17.35: 110 m hurdles men
Sweden player Jonathan Holm got a really tough race. Holm struck a hedge early in the race. There was never a duel with his Finnish duo, Elmo Lakka, who won the race at 13.56. Finland thus took home the branch by 12-10.

17.45: Slender men
As expected, it became triple Finnish in sledgehammer. He won Henri Liipola with a throw of 72.11, his third throw of the competition.
Triple Finnish was as tipped beforehand.

17.47: 400m ladies
Moa Hjelmer took a convincing victory when Sweden took a 14-8 victory at 400 meters. Hjelmer led the race from start to finish.

17.55: 5,000 m men
The Swedish men took an expected 16-6 victory in superior style. Kalle Berglund struck with a personal record in his second 5000 meter race when he won at 13.54.52.

18.10: Stick gentlemen
In the pole vault, it was Swedish dominance through Armand Duplantis. The Swedish world star went flawless over six meters, and after a failed attempt of 6.07 he thanked the audience and canceled the competition. It also became a Swedish in second place when Melker Svärd Jacobsson took over 5.51. The last Swedish was Carl Sténsson who became six.

18.35: 3000 m obstacle ladies
Linn Söderholm and Emilia Lillemo did everything they could, and struck with a personal best. But it was not enough for more than a third and fourth place, and Amélie Svensson took fifth place.

18.47: Ladies length
In the long jump it was a scarce Finnish victory. In the very last jump, Taika Koilahti passed Tilde Johansson, as only he jumped a jump before she was injured. Erika Kinsey finished fourth at 6.00 and Kaiza Karlén sixth with 5.70.

18.50: 400m men
The Swedish gentlemen took both first and second place in the race through Nick Ekelund-Arenander and Anton Sigurdsson, where the latter with only a few meters from goal passed Eljas Aalto and gave Sweden additional points. The last Swedish runner was Felix Francois who turned six.

19.20: 1500 m ladies
Yolanda Ngarambe won the sprint duel against Sara Kuivisto and gave Sweden the lead 13-9.

7.30pm: 4x100m, men's relay
After a tough sprint battle, the Finnish men finally won at 39.82. Sweden jumped in at 40.01.

19.40: 4x100 m, women's relay
Even in the women's relay it was 5-2 to Finland. In the last change it was perfectly even, but after a stronger spurt, it finally became a victory for Finland at 44.48, ten hundredths ahead of Sweden.

19.50: 800 m men
It was a very 800 meters race. And it was Erik Martinsson who, after a strong spurt, passed four runners and won. But the other two Swedes, Robin Rohlén and Andreas Almgren, ended up in the last two places, and Finland got the most points from the branch.