Rugby Japan National Team candidate elementary school students and tag rugby at the training camp, Hokkaido, August 24, 17:03

Japanese representative players who are holding training camps in Hokkaido for the Rugby World Cup Japan tour visited local elementary schools and interacted with children.

The Japanese representative candidates who have been training camps in Abashiri, Hokkaido since 18th of this month practiced in the morning.

Since the 24th was Saturday, a lot of fans visited the practice ground and all the players lined up. was doing.

The players visited the local Abashiri Elementary School in the afternoon and interacted with about 50 children in “Tag Rugby”, which took the straps on their hips instead of tackles.

A team of five people also played a game, and when the players decided to try with various passes while smiling, children and their parents were applauding.

Kazuki Himeno, who works as a flanker and number eight, said, “I got the energy from the children. It was an important activity for the Japanese national team to be loved by everyone, and the energy to try again was born.” .

Ryori Nakamura of the center said, “It is important to get support in the World Cup under various pressures, so I would like to cherish such exchanges even in a short time.”

The training camp for the candidate for Japan will run until the 28th of this month.