The Korean national team lost to Japan at the women's volleyball Asian Championships and failed to advance to the finals.

The Korean national team, led by Stefano Lavarini, was defeated by a set-to-3 score in Japan in the semifinals of the 20th Asian Women's Volleyball Championships at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.

Japan has teamed up the top 10 players who won the World Championships under 20 in 2019, and the 19-year-old striker Mayu Ishikawa, who was the top player in the tournament, won 30 points.

Korea's ace Kim Yeon-kyung also struggled with 30 points, but failed to stop the national team.

Korea won the first set with Kim Yeon-kyung and Lee Jae-young, but from the second set, they lost their initiative to Japan, which led the organization.

Frustrated with winning dreams, Korea will play the third-final match against China-Thai semi-finals tomorrow.

(Photo = Yonhap News)