2nd floor secretary-general Prime Minister Abe will make full support if he is determined to be “4th term” August 23, 18:45

Regarding the term of Prime Minister Abe's Liberal Democratic Party governor until September next year, the second-level secretary-general indicated that he would give full support if Prime Minister Abe decided to extend and enter the fourth term.

Prime Minister Abe's tenure was 2798 days in total with the first administration, which was the longest after the war, along with Eisaku Sato and former Prime Minister.

Regarding this, the second-level secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party told reporters, “I want to congratulate you on the result of the Prime Minister Abe's efforts to do so. I want to meet the expectations of the people without forgetting the careful management of the national government. "

On that basis, three elections were held in last year's Liberal Democratic Party presidential election, and the extension of Prime Minister Abe ’s term of office until September of next year is “I will do my best if Prime Minister Abe decides,” said Prime Minister Abe. If we decided to enter the fourth term, we showed our idea to support with full power.

In addition, the reporters asked about the Liberal Democratic Party officials expected to be held in the middle of next month, “Would you like to continue to support Prime Minister Abe as secretary general?” “I want to support as a party member wherever I am. I'm not interested in it, just follow it indifferently. "