Tokyo Para ticket application start Athletes call for purchase August 22 17:54

Next year's Tokyo Paralympic tickets will be sold out on the 22nd, and Keiichi Kimura, who is aiming to win a gold medal with the ace of swimming, will show his maximum performance. I called.

Applications for lottery sales of tickets for the Tokyo Paralympic Games began on the 22nd official website.

In the afternoon after the start of acceptance, the event held in Tokyo was Keiichi Kimura, the most visually impaired class in the Japanese ace of swimming, and the German Marx Röhm, who has a world record in the class of prosthetic leg of land and long jump And Rio de Janeiro Paralympic copper medalist Sae Shigemoto participated.

Mr. Shinya Ueda, a comedy talent, also participated in the event, experiencing the world record of Rame players, 8 meters 48 centimeters, and was surprised to hear that it took 11 steps to walk.

For next year's Tokyo tournament, Kimura said, “I want to take a gold medal that has not been taken in the Paralympics so far. It was.

Ticket lottery sales will be accepted until 11:59 am on the 9th of next month, and the results will be announced on October 2.

Leveled out with about 60% interest in Para

According to the latest public opinion poll of NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, only about 60% of respondents said they were “interested” in the Paralympic Games.

The NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute surveyed 3600 men and women aged 20 and over from June 29th to 7th last month, and received responses from 2442 people, approximately 70%.

As a result, 14% of respondents answered that they were “very interested” in the Tokyo Paralympics, and 48% answered that they were “well interested”.

On the other hand, 32% were “not very interested”, 7% were “not interested at all”, and 39% were “not interested”.

The NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute has been conducting surveys five times since October 2016, but the percentage of those who answered “interested” for the past three years is around 60%, showing almost no change.

On the other hand, about the Tokyo Olympics, about 80% of respondents answered that they were “interested” in past surveys, and their interest in the Paralympics remains low compared to the Olympics.