Rugby Sunwolves HC former Japan national team Mr. Okubo August 23 0:28

I found out that Naoya Okubo, a former representative of Japan, is a strong candidate for the next head coach of the Super Rugby team, Sunwolves.

This was revealed to the press after the board meeting held by the Japanese rugby association chairman Shigetaka Mori on the 22nd.

Mr. Okubo is 43 years old.

During his current career, he was active as a forward player and won 23 caps from the Japanese national team.

After retiring, he served as the coach of Forward in Sunwolves since last season after working as director of Suntory in the top league.

If he is appointed, the Japanese will be the first head coach in the fifth year since SunWolves entered the world's highest Super Rugby.

This season, Tony Brown Head Coach who has been in charge of this season has already been decided to become the head coach of the same Super Rugby Highlanders.