Korea National Sport University decided to dismiss Professor Jeon Myung-kyu, who was regarded as the torso of the ice skating system. Chun Myung-kyu said he would fight a lawsuit against the highest-level disciplinary decision.

I'm Kim Hyung-yeol.


The Hancheong Disciplinary Committee decided to discipline the former professors after a marathon meeting close to six hours.

Although the Disciplinary Commission did not disclose disciplinary content, the level of disciplinary action was reported as 'dismissal'.

[Han Min Kyu / Dean of Hankyo University's Dean of Disciplinary Affairs (Chairman of the Discipline): (Resolved) If you report the contents, the President will receive (Resolved) within 15 days.

Dismissal is the highest disciplinary punishment available to educational officials. Former professors cannot be hired for public officials for the next five years, and their retirement pay is cut in half.

Former professor, who has been called the godfather of the Korean ice industry for the past two decades, was reportedly reported earlier this year by SBS's report that the assault victims of his disciple, former coach Jae-beom Cho, were closely pressed and condemned to take action. There were as many as 20 wrongs alleged of embezzlement and defamation.

However, the former professor was acquainted with the fact that he was able to contact the victims of violent violence on campus and even train them.

In addition, before the disciplinary committee, it was reported that a petition from parents and students was submitted to the disciplinary committee to take off their sins.

[Sim Hyuk Lim / Shim Seok Hee Attorney: (Students) I have to train all year round, and I have problems with the unemployment team after graduation. Would it be my own way to write a petition and sign it? .]

The former professor, who has used the student's petition and received the highest disciplinary punishment, will file a lawsuit in the court as well as the teacher's complaint.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-ki, Video editing: Choi Eunjin)