Japan-Korea Foreign Ministers Meeting Begins Discussion on Recruitment Issues and Export Control or August 21 15:22

As Japan-Korea relations worsened, Foreign Minister Kono and Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa started a meeting in China. In the talks, it is likely that opinions will be exchanged over issues related to “recruitment” during the Pacific War and Japan's export control, which South Korea rebounds.

The Japan-Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting started around 3:00 pm Japan time.

This is the first meeting after the Japanese government has decided to exclude Korea from the preferential export control countries.

During the talks, Minister Kono is likely to seek prompt correction of the violation of international law on the issue of “recruitment” during the Pacific War.

Opinions are also likely to be exchanged over Japan's export controls, which the Korean side repels.

Furthermore, based on the fact that there is an opinion from Korea that the agreement to share and protect the security information of both countries, which will expire in 3 days, whether or not to automatically renew, = “GSOMIA” should be destroyed. , And what kind of opinions are exchanged.