Professional baseball results Giant 5 consecutive wins The game difference with DeNA is 6 to August 20 at 23:49

Five games of professional baseball were played, and the first-ranked giant in the league increased their consecutive wins to 5 and expanded the game difference with DeNA to 6.

Se League

Sino-Japanese vs. Giant won the giant 2-1.
The giant once took two points ahead of Maru's timely and double steel. Mercedes pitched in the middle of the 6th round with 1 goal and 8th win, while Delarosa raised 5th. On the Chunichi, pitcher Yusuke Ono reduced the number of seven times to two, but it was a three-game losing streak.

Hanshin vs. DeNA won 8 against 0 by Hanshin.
Hanshin scored 4 points in a timely two-base of 5 times, 0: 0, Kibo's extrude foreball and Fukudome's runner cleanup. After that, I scored in three home runs of Itohara Marte and Umeno. The starting pitcher Aoyagi is the sixth win since June, with 6 points in the middle. DeNA couldn't take advantage of the chance of a full out in 2 times.

Hiroshima vs Yakult won 9-8 by Hiroshima.
Hiroshima caught up with the 24th three-run run by Suzuki 9 times, followed by 3 points. The fifth leginal pitcher won the sixth victory. Yakult was driven by the relief team and could not escape.

Pacific League

Seibu vs Nippon Ham won Seibu 4-2.
Seibu was able to follow the goal five times, and Akiyama turned 2 times in a timely manner. Yamakawa was in the 6th time and Kimura was in the 8th time. The starting pitcher Neil made 7 wins with 6 goals and 1 goal, and Masuda raised 20 saves. Nippon Ham lacked connection in batting.

Lotte vs. Rakuten won 7-7 by Lotte.
Lotte 7 points to follow 1 point, 2 hits on 2 timely two bases of the player, Kakunaka and Hadano, and 8 points, 4 points were added by Oka's No. 4 three-run etc. It was. The starting pitcher, Ishikawa, won the fourth with 8 goals and 2 runs. Lotte stopped 3 consecutive losses and moved up to 4th place. Rakuten's win rate has returned to 50%.