President Trump considering economic measures including tax cuts for election or August 21 at 7:01

As trade concerns with China raise concerns about the future of the economy in the United States, President Trump reveals that he is considering new economic measures, including tax cuts for middle-income earners. did. The presidential election is expected next year, and it seems that it aims to win the support of a wide range of voters.

President Trump said on Tuesday that he was constantly considering tax cuts, when asked by reporters to respond to concerns.

After that, he said, “I've been thinking about whether to lower“ salary tax ”. I want to have a big positive impact on many workers,” and clarified that tax cuts targeting middle-income earners are one of the candidates. did.

President Trump is reluctant to say that the word "recession is inappropriate" about concerns about the future of the economy due to trade disputes with China, but if the economy falls, it will affect next year's presidential election Therefore, it seems that there is an aim to gain broad voter support by launching new economic measures.

On the other hand, the US finance has already deteriorated due to a substantial reduction in corporate tax, etc., and this economic measure may lead to criticism that it is scattered for elections.