Prime Minister I resigned and resigned Political confusion was August 21 at 7:32


Italy's Prime Minister Conte resigned as it became difficult to maintain the administration after the right-wing party that was part of the coalition government filed a distrust plan. The turmoil of Italian politics is inevitable due to the collapse of the coalition government that lasted for over a year.

In Italy, a coalition government was established in June last year by the “five-star movement” of the emerging party and the “alliance” of the right-wing party. He submitted a distrust plan to Prime Minister Conte, calling for the dissolution of parliament and the implementation of a general election.

Under such circumstances, Prime Minister Conte said in a speech given at the Senate of the Parliament about the untrusted proposal: “It is extremely irresponsible in the decision to bring the crisis to the administration. ”And criticized Prime Minister Salvini, who is also the leader of the Alliance.

After that, he expressed his resignation as it became difficult to maintain a coalition government, and President Mattarella accepted his resignation. President Mattarella, who has the right to dissolve Parliament, is going to decide the future policy in consultation with each party, and is expected to seek a new coalition framework centering on the “5-star movement” of the first party of Parliament. The

As a partner of coalition, the Democratic Party who was in charge of the previous government is listed as a candidate, but the `` Five Star Movement '' questioned whether it can form a coalition just by violently criticizing the established party There is also an inevitable situation in political turmoil.