Emperor throne memorial stamp released in October, August 20 at 17:03

A stamp sheet and a stamp book commemorating the emperor's throne will be released in October.

Postage stamps will be issued by Japan Post in conjunction with the ceremonies that the Emperor declares the throne in and out of Japan, which will be held in October.

There are 2 types of 84 yen stamps, each with 5 sheets of stamps and 10 sheets, and the price is 840 yen. On one of the stamps, the “Aoi” used to decorate the main hall of the Meiji Palace is designed. The other type has a decorative pattern called “Treasure Flower Pattern” that was also used on the ceiling of the main hall.

In addition, a “stamp book” with photographs of the emperors Empress taken at the general saga to celebrate the throne is also on sale, and the price is 1550 yen including the stamp sheet fee.

Commemorative stamps are available in 2 million sheets and will be sold through post offices and online mail order sites nationwide from October 18. 200,000 copies of stamps are sold at 389 post offices nationwide, with a large number of stations in addition to mail order.