Rugby New Zealand falls from first place in the world ranking August 19th 23:52

Rugby's latest world rankings have been announced, New Zealand, which has been in first place for nearly 10 years, dropped to second place, and Wales was first.

Rugby's world ranking is determined by the points won and lost by each team and is updated every Monday.

New Zealand, nicknamed “All Blacks”, has been the world leader since November 2009, winning the World Cup twice.

In the test match held by the 18th, Wales, the 2nd place in the world, who won the 6 European opponents of the past, won points against the 4th place England's strong game.

As a result, Wales surpassed New Zealand's points, becoming the world's first for the first time, and New Zealand, which has held the top for nearly 10 years, dropped to second.

Japan ranked 9th, the highest ever since last week.

Japan ’s opponents in the World Cup ’s first league are:
▽ Powerful Ireland remains third,
▽ Scotland is 8th place down one rank
▽ Samoa is 16th,
▽ Russia is 20th.