Stock price rise New York market price increase and purchase August 19th 12:12

Tokyo stock market on the 19th of the week, stock prices are rising. In the New York Stock Market last weekend, a buy order has been placed in response to a rise in the Dow average share price.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the morning of the 19th, was 25.525.45, 106.64 yen higher than the closing price last weekend.

TSE Stock Price Index = Topics increased by 6.15 to 1149.44.

The turnover in the morning was 438.27 million shares.

The market official said, “Buy orders have been placed in the New York stock market last weekend in response to a significant increase in the Dow average share price. However, there are many investors who are cautious about dealings, such as wanting to determine the situation surrounding Hong Kong. "